Podiatrist in Albany

Podiatrist in Albany

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Heel pain can be a serious matter and our podiatrist in Albany can help diagnose and treat the pain. The services that our practice provides are extensive and varied, everything from simple treatments for athlete’s foot fungus to advanced foot surgery.

One common complaint of our patients is of heel pain, which can be severe. Heel pain can actually be caused by several different conditions the most common of which is simple overuse. This heel pain can be brought about by walking in shoes that provide poor support, too much running especially on hard surfaces, or a sudden turning of the heel. The actual pain is caused in the connective tissue that runs from the toes to the heel bone, this is known as Heel Spur Syndrome. Often our podiatrist in Albany will prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication, ice packs and stretching exercises are also effective. If the pain is more severe or recurring orthotic devices or physical therapy may be used in treatment.

Another cause of heel pain is a condition called plantar fasciitis, which is a localized swelling or irritation of the thickened fibrous bands that support the bottom of the foot. These bands start at the heel and fan out under the fat pads of the feet. The painful symptoms usually start at the heel. The pain is frequently worse upon getting out of bed in the morning, then will subside in intensity during the day only to return later after a period of sitting and getting up again. Our practice treats plantar fasciitis through a combination of stretching exercises, shoe modification, foot taping and padding, and possible injection of anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy and oral medications. Orthotics is an essential part of the treatment to give support and stability to the heel and ankle, as well as provide weight distribution. If the condition does not respond to these conservative measures surgery can be a consideration. If heel pain or any other foot problem bothers please call our podiatrist in Albany for an appointment.

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