Ingrown toenail Albany

Ingrown Toenail Albany

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Ingrown toenails treatment in Albany

Ingrown toenail Albany
Ingrown toenail Albany

Ingrown nails can cause you discomfort that may end up as serious pain, and they are unsightly in many cases, too. We at Albany Podiatry have effective solutions to restore your toenails to their normal, healthy state, free of pain.

The cause of your ingrown toenail Albany is that the nail has grown into instead of over the surrounding skin. Under normal circumstances, this does not happen, but there are various reasons why it may. If your nails are very thick or curved, you will be more likely to have an ingrown toenail Albany. Shoes that are too tight around the toe area also contribute to the problem, and are often the main cause. You should also be careful of how you groom your toenails. Do not round the edges. Square them. Rounded edges are more susceptible to growing into the skin. Most often, ingrown nails develop on the big toe. Seek the help of our foot doctor, and if you are diabetic, have vascular problems, or you sense numbness in your toes, then the need for treatment is more urgent. Our foot doctor will trim the nail right here at our office. It’s done under local anesthesia, so the procedure is comfortable for you. It’s quick and you can go right back to work. If the problem is recurring, you may need to have the nail removed. This is typically not considered as an option for a first time ingrown nail. You don’t have to worry, though. Again, our foot doctor is able to perform the procedure simply and easily at our office. And your nail will eventually grow back.

Don’t put up with the frustration of your ingrown toenail Albany. Instead, reach out to us and arrange a convenient time to come in for an examination and treatment.

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