Ankle problems in Albany NY

Ankle Problems in Albany NY

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Treating common ankle conditions in Albany NY

Ankle problems in Albany NY
Ankle problems in Albany NY

In addition to your heel, toes, instep, and ball of your foot, the ankle, located just above your foot, is also susceptible to becoming injured. And here at Albany Podiatry, the expertise of our foot doctor extends to ankle problems in Albany NY, too.

Typically, the concerns regarding ankle injuries can be summed up with three words: sprains, strains, and fractures, with each affecting a different supporting structure of your anatomy. A sprain is specific to you ligament, and is in fact, the most common of all ankle conditions. In most cases, it will be the result of twisting the ankle in a violent or unnatural manner. A strain refers to the muscle, while a fracture is the result of a separation in the bone tissue. It can be either a hairline break, or a full one; and either clean or one in which the two bone pieces are no longer synced with each other, and have to be surgically set. Each of the above ankle problems in Albany NY require a different treatment approach, but all should be addressed in a timely manner so that they do not become worse. Sometimes, they can be mistaken for each other, especially with hairline fractures that might seems to be sprains. Our podiatrist will do a thorough examination and may also order x-rays to reach a certain diagnosis. Treatment of sprains and strains may include simply resting the ankle, applying ice, compression to stabilize it, and possibly elevation. In some instances, keeping the leg up above your head for a period of time each day can have positive effects. Crutches or even a walker might be necessary during the healing process for sprains or fractures.

Ankle problems in Albany NY should be dealt with promptly. Don’t risk further pain or making a simple situation into a complex one. Contact us to set up an appointment.

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