Albany sports medicine

Albany Sports Medicine

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You can’t perform at your best if your feet hurt. That’s for sure. Professional athletes can use every advantage possible to gain an edge, but so can amateurs and you weekend warriors. At Albany Podiatry, we are dedicated to helping you to have strong, healthy feet and ankles so that you will play at your peak.

What are the most common reasons for seeking out our Albany sports medicine? Among them are corns, calluses, athlete’s foot, achilles tendonitis, and heel pain. Your feet can take quite a beating when you’re playing. Our goal is to diagnose and treat what you’re experiencing right now, and to help you avoid the same problem in the future. Direct treatment is important and necessary, of course, but expert advice and guidance is also a big part of our Albany sports medicine. Let our foot doctor help you to select the footwear that will be appropriate in providing the support and roominess you need to avoid injuries, growths, and other concerns. Corns and calluses form as the result of friction. Athlete’s foot is contacted from a fungal infection, and is easily transmitted from person to person, so be careful when touching other people’s towels and clothes, and wear shower shoes or other protective footwear when walking in communal showers or locker rooms. As for achilles tendonitis and heel pain (from either plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or both), supportive shoes are a must for avoiding them. And orthotics are both a treatment and a preventive measure to consider.

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