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Treating Hammertoes in Albany

Albany foot doctor
Albany foot doctor

Just as you would seek out a specialist if you had a problem with your back or with your digestive system, you should be seen by our Albany foot doctor if you have a hammertoe. Here at Albany Podiatry, you can feel 100% confident that you are being treated by a podiatrist who is highly skilled and has the experience to diagnose and treat you effectively. Hammertoe doesn’t always cause pain, but that is the case the majority of the time. And when that pain becomes severe, it has a way of negatively affecting your entire life. Relief begins with a phone call to our office.

What exactly is a hammertoe and what causes one to form? The definition of hammertoe is a toe that becomes stuck in the flexed or bent position. This happens due to excessive pressure that is put on the tendons of the toe’s joints and this is the reason why it remains in that flexed state. The most common reason for hammertoe is ill-fitting footwear, especially when those shoes are too tight around your toes. Women’s high heels, in particular, are major culprits in the formation and progressing of hammertoe. Other things that can be at the root of the problem are genetic predisposition, and arthritis. Our Albany foot doctor will ask you questions and take a medical history as part of the exam in order to get down to the reasons why you’re suffering from hammertoe.

The exam will include a physical check of the toe in question and probably x-rays. There are two types of hammertoe: flexible and rigid. Flexible have some motion left available to them, while rigid are totally locked into position. Depending on which one you are diagnosed with, the treatment can vary from something a simple as a shoe insert (orthotic) to reduce the undue pressure on your toe joint, allowing it to heal naturally; to surgery in the worst case scenarios of rigid hammertoe. Other treatments can include medication to manage swelling and inflammation or cortisone shots for more severe pain. What is most important is to not ignore the situation. Our Albany foot doctor doesn’t want you to let the situation grow worse.

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